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Explore Exclusive Features Crafted to Enhance Your Digital Ownership Journey.

Certificate of Authenticity

Safeguard digital products with Mintyplex's certified Blockchain authenticity. Ensure a secure marketplace for all.

Username with Premium Benefits

Unique usernames offer reduced fees and exposure for creators, cashbacks and deals for shoppers. Affiliates earn by promoting creators’ products. Your username, your gateway to added value!

Multiple Payment Options

Offer digital products effortlessly, accepting payments in local currencies or digital assets. Shoppers can pay with credit cards or cryptocurrencies, ensuring accessibility and ease.

Who Can Use Mintyplex?

We're building a super on-chain creator economy to empower individuals to create and have the freedom to control what they own.

For Creators

We offer you the right tools you need to create and protect your digital products, explore various methods to monetize them, such as membership and tipping, and receive support from your target audience.

For Affiliates

Earn extra income on the side or engage in it as a full-time activity by connecting with amazing creators on Mintyplex. Browse through and promote their products, and earn commissions for doing what you know how to do best.

For Shoppers

Discover awesome products from new and favorite creators, easily support them without restrictions, and earn perks like discounts and redeemable points for doing so.

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